EI Services, LLC was registered in Colorado on 2014-03-26, and is in good standing. EI Services, LLC is a Sole Proprietorship that formerly did business as (dba) "Shawn Kleinart Consulting." You will acquire full ownership of EI Services, LLC, as listed below. EI is an abbreviation for Electronic Information.

Acquisition of EI Services, LLC includes these assets, a transfer of full (100%) ownership/rights of/to:
 1) EI Services, LLC (a Colorado company)
 2) (TLD) domains: eiservices.net, 54144.net
 3) ARIN organization "SKC-14" and associated resources (AS54144 and IPv4 /22 assignments)
   # 2-byte ASN registered 2011-10-13 and IPv4 /22 (1024 addresses) end-user direct assignment on 2011-10-14

There are no known liabilities, obligations or accounts payable of the LLC and none will transfer unless explicitly agreed.
There are no accounts receivable, no active contracts.

Only explicitly agreed and listed assets will transfer.
Buyer will pay all legal and transfer fees.
Buyer responsible to perform all transfer requests and must perform this work within 90 days, or as agreed.
ARIN transfer of "SKC-14" org must include organization rename ("Shawn Kleinart Consulting" must change); this could be EI Services, LLC or your existing or new organization. ARIN charges a nominal transfer/acquisition fee.
There are no other assets, other than the optional ones below, are of meaningful value or are otherwise included in the sale.
Network infrastructure/equipment and other computing resources are not included.
No prior business records or relationships will transfer; no prior cash flow records or financial statements will be disclosed, unless required by law.
No intellectual property will transfer.

Seller will notify IRS of sale and cease use of EIN and EI Services, LLC brand/name. Buyer should also notify IRS of acquisition and obtain new EIN, if applicable.

Optional add-ons:

Email with an offer.

These assets are available for immediate sale; unless/until I enter into an agreement (which would be disclosed, but this site may not remain updated to reflect such) - as I am accepting inquiries for contracts to resume my EI Services, LLC operations.